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Why Use HMA To Watch Hulu in Canada?

  • It Works... Every Single Time

    I recommend HMA for one simple reason: it works.  After you sign up for HMA you will be able to virtually reside in the USA in a matter of minutes.  Being able to access virtually reside in the United States will allow you access Hulu from Canada (not to mention other great sites like Pandora, the American version of Netflix and so many more).  The bottom line is that I've been using HMA for more than 3 years now and it's worked every single time.  The reason it works is because there are:

    • 296 US Based Servers (When it comes to VPNs... BIGGER is better!)
    • 37,742US Based IP Addresses Essentially and unlimited supply of IP addresses
  • What Else? 

  • Safe & Anonymous

    Once connected to HMA your online identity will be masked behind one their anonymous IP addresses. Government level security encryption standards are use are trusted world-wide.

5 More Sites You Can Access Using HMA
  • Hulu Plus - Are you looking for the premium version of Hulu?  Using HMA will allow you to sign up, and watch, Hulu Plus from Canada!
  • The American Version of Netflix - The US version of Netflix is rumoured to be about 6.5 times bigger than the Canadian version of Netflix.  With HMA you will be able to access more shows and movies with your current subscription to Netflix!
  • Spotify - Want to add millions and millions of songs to your playlists?  Turn on HMA and listen to your heart's content from Canada! 
  • NHL GameCenter Live Blackout Free - Are you tired of not being able to watch your "in-market" games live on GameCenter Live?  Log onto an HMA server in an out-of-market city and watch NHL games live!  (This works for as well)
  • Amazon Instant Streaming - Use HMA to sign up for Amazon Prime in the USA and access their massive Instreamt Streaming library from Canada!
How To Set Up HMA
in 3 Easy Steps

  • Choose  a US-Based Server
    • Any server in the USA will do, but try to choose one that is as close to you as possible to ensure the best possible user experience
  • Click "Connect to VPN"
    • Click the green button that says "Connect to VPN" and let HMA work it's magic behind the scenes. You will be connected, and virtually residing in the USA, in a no time. 
  • Watch Hulu in Canada
    • This isn't really a step, but it's easy to say "easy as 1-2-3"!  Enjoy Hulu in Canada thanks to HMA!

Testimonials From HMA Users:

Good product! Both Netflix and Hulu work just fine.  Use it in Canada to watch US online services."

Vlad G.

I have had HMA for 2 weeks now and it's a gem. I was very upset when I moved to Canada temporarily and realize I could not watch Netflix of Hulu.  I decided to give HMA a chance and it worked like a charm!!"

Kate W.

This service is great. I use it to watch American Netflix in Canada and"

Shaun S.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, HMA works with all of the top online TV and movie websites.
Your ISP will only see a secured encrypted connection to one of HMA's remote VPN servers. They won't be able to decipher your online activities and make sense of your internet traffic.
Once you connect to HMA's secure internet connection is established between your internet service provider and HMA's internet service provider. Everything you do online is 'encrypted' and essentially anonymous; anyone trying to break into your internet connection to steal sensitive data (e.g. on public Wifi networks) will not be able to because your web traffic is securely hidden. Websites you visit, usernames and passwords used to login to websites, people you talk to online, and files you download and share will be out of sight by third-parties trying to monitor your online usage and potentially steal sensitive information from you.

Not only is your online traffic anonymized, your online identity in the form of an 'IP address' is also hidden. Your IP address is essentially your 'online fingerprint' and identification to the rest of the online world. Your IP address can tell people and websites your physical location and which internet service provider you are using. You wouldn't show your identity to a random person in the street, so why would you reveal your online identity and location to potentially millions of online strangers?

HMA's VPN service is very easy to use, while VPN encryption may sound complicated to some people, you do not need technical knowledge to anonymize your online traffic and protect your online identity. All you need to do is install HMA's software, enter your username and password, and hit connect!
1. Secure your internet connection on non-secured networks.Connecting to networks you have no control over (such as WiFi hotspots) is risky because your online traffic can easily be intercepted by hackers operating on the same network. This can include websites you are visiting as well as usernames/passwords used to login to websites. By using our VPN service your online traffic will be encrypted and hidden from people trying to steal your sensitive web traffic data.

2. Become anonymous and protect your online identity. By encrypting your online web traffic everything you do online will become anonymous and your online identity will be hidden. Anonymity is vital for identity protection and to ensure what you do online is never revealed to hackers and network snoops.

3. Virtually reside in another country and bypass geographic web blocks. Some websites may restrict content to specific countries which can be annoying if you are abroad and away from your home country. Simply connect to one of our VPN server locations in the country you wish to 'virtually reside' in and you will trick the website into thinking you are actually in the specified country.

4. VPN's work with everything on your computer. Not to be confused with web proxies, a VPN will automatically anonymously encrypt all applications on your computer, whether this be your web browser, instant messaging client or file sharing application.

5. Bypass censorship and internet restrictions. The World Wide Web is not so world-wide for some countries and internet service providers. VPN's help bypass censorship and limits imposed by your internet service provider or government.
There are a number of factors that will determine the speed you get behind a VPN server. The most obvious factor is your internet speed to begin with, and the distance between your physical location and the location of HMA's VPN server nodes. For example connecting from Thailand to our New York VPN server is 8660 miles away, and so some speed loss is going to be inevitable. The closer you are to HMA's VPN server locations, there is less chance you'll experience speed loss. HMA's software also has an in-built 'Speed Guide' feature which will help determine the fastest VPN server for your connection. Given the fact HMA has servers in 75 countries, speed shouldn't be a problem for you.

Q: Is the use of VPN legal?

We'll let HMA answer this one: Yes, the use of VPN is legal. But make sure you read the terms and conditions of your Internet provider / network administrator so you don't break any rules.  (Source)

A VPN will automatically anonymously encrypt your entire internet connection and as such all applications on your computer will be secured, whereas with a web proxy you'll need to configure certain applications manually (such as your web browser). VPN's use much stronger encryption methods and are therefore considered more secure than web proxies.

Q: How To I Sign up?

Click here to sign up with HMA.  Setup is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes.  

Or click the yellow button below!  Enjoy! 
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