Hulu Canada Has Your Favorite Shows

By the time you finish reading this article, you will know the Best, Easiest and Safest way to access Hulu Canada….

Alright Canadians, I’m gonna show you some pretty awesome and powerful stuff.  It’s seriously going to change the way you think about the world wide web.

The phrase “world wide web” is a joke right now for Canadians.  It should more accurately be called the “world closed web”.  There are so many sites that we Canadians are blocked from just because of where we live.  How is that “world wide”? is just one of the more well known sites, but there is also Pandora Internet Radio, Spotify Radio, and the US version of Netflix….just to name a few of the more popular ones.

Now that I’ve got that rant out of the way…I’ve got a kick butt solution to solving all of these geographical shackles, including accessing Hulu Canada.  It’s a great software solution called Hide My Ass (HMA).

HMA does 2 things and both are spectacular.  First and foremost, HMA allows us to unblock any and all geographical based web blocks.  HMA also encrypts all your data while connected to the internet, so with HMA running in the background, ALL your private information is 100% safe.

So you can watch Hulu, listen to Pandora Radio and Safely connect to any wifi hotspot anytime you want with HMA in your tool chest.

Follow These Easy Steps To Get Hulu Canada

First, Click here to get registered with HMA. It’s a very quick and painless process where the biggest decision is going to be how much money you want to save.  I’ve personally been a 12 month plan HMA customer now for over 2 years and couldn’t be happier.  Seriously for just $6.55 per month this is a steal of a deal.  I think I blow that much money daily at my local Tim Horton’s…

I know I was skeptical the first time I signed up for HMA, but I also noticed their 30 day money back guarantee.   Which I’ve never needed but was still good to know it was there.

Now that you’re an HMA customer, you’ll have full access to their Pro VPN download page.  This page has PC, MAC and even Linux options so no doubt your covered.  Just choose the one that applies to you and start the download.

Download HMA for Hulu Canada

Next, go find the recently downloaded software and open it up to install.  Follow HMA’s installation instructions and then sign into the software with your registration account information.

Since you live in Canada, you’ll need to set the software up with a US based location.  I personally select the option of 10 random/closest US cities from my location, this just keeps things fresh and its easy.

Setup For HMA Connection

Finally, click on the “connect” button and your computer is now “virtually” located within the USA and you should now have full access to Hulu Canada.

That’s it folks!  You now have defeated any and all geographical based web limitations and wifi hacker simultaneously.  Time to go show hunting at your new favorite Canadian website: or otherwise known as Hulu Canada!